5 conisderations watch in tonight’s debate

5 conisderations watch in tonight’s debate

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President barack obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney face off on Wednesday in the first of three presidential debates.

While Obama holds a lead in many key battleground states, The race country wide has been locked in a dead heat for months. The debate offers an chance for Obama or Romney to gain some momentum and break the logjam.

We’ve heard a lot of bickering on the email campaign trail, there’s plenty of talk that zingers could decide who wins or loses the showdown in Denver. But to most visitors, This debate is basically about which candidate has the composure and stature to serve in the Oval Office.

what remedy they stand for: Candidates in no time

“If either the web design manager or Romney can’t pass this test, The rest seriously don’t matter. Big ideas from a small person won’t make you president of the american, Says Republican strategist and CNN contributor Alex Castellanos. “When the minute comes, This is like proposing to your spouse. This are a wide moment,

thanks to already serving nearly four years in the White House, Obama starts with the power, But he can’t afford to play it safe at the debate.

John emperor: The debates are only concerned with trust

“Playing it safe allows Romney to command the agenda and put Obama on defense. Either you’re on attackers or defense, And safeguards loses, totals Castellanos, Who was a senior adviser to Romney in 2008 election.

in contrast, Romney should do double duty: Stay on offense but more look presidential.

What does Obama need to do?

“Keep cool which comes without a doubt to him, Says Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala. “Make it about the middle-class, Not on his own or Romney,

2. Can Romney get Libya into the assessment?

The first debate is basically devoted to domestic policy.

The listed posts, depending on the cheap hockey jerseys Commission on Presidential Debates, Are the financial, heath care treatment, The role of government and governing whatever that means. Ambassador Chris Stevens were killed in an apparent terrorist attack last month. representatives fail to heed warnings or concerns about possible violence? Why has the president been so hesitant to explain the incident as a “enemy attack, why does the scene still not secure, extra than two weeks after the attack?

House GOP is determined State Dept. to resolve for Libya security

“we’ve seen a confused, deliberate, inconsistent response to what is now very clearly known as a terrorist act, Republican vice presidential consumer Paul Ryan said on Monday. “It’s really indicative of a broader failure of this administration’s foreign policy and the crisis that is taking place across the Middle East,

Polls indicate that the economy remains the top issue for voters, And Romney advisers in Boston believe equal. And vehicles foreign policy, More voters have confidence in Obama than Romney, polls show.

But there are hints of weeknesses for the president on Libya crisis. In web sites Fox News poll, 43% of voters said they disapproved of Obama’s all round on Libya, While 39% official.

With his campaign scrambling for traction and looking for any possibility to shrink the trust gap between himself and the president, furthermore it will be a shocker if Romney brings up the Middle East turmoil on Wednesday night and ties it to a broader critique of the president’s leadership.

government, Romney only met more than once

3. Who is what makes the case on the economy?

In a debate being focused on domestic concerns, The economy is the issue designed to dominate the debate. The economy remains the top issue on the minds of American voters and according to a new CNN/ORC intercontinental poll, Likely voters are split on whether the president or the Republican nominee would do a better job fixing the economy over the next four years.

Expect to hear two distinctive narratives on Wednesday night. The president continues to argue that the country’s making progress and that now is not the time to go back to the policies of the George W. Bush years that got us into the contemporary mess. And he’ll say that now’s not the time to return to helping the millionaires and Wall Street.

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