Coming Back Hard

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ARTIST: Bobby Jones featuring the Mannish Boys
TITLE: Comin’ Back Hard
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: February 17, 2009
UPC NUMBER: 850021001322

Bobby Jones: vocals
Finis Tasby: vocals (10)
Al Blake: harmonica (3, 6)
Randy Chortkoff: harmonica (4, 10)
Lynwood Slim: harmonica (9)
Kirk “Eli” Fletcher: lead guitar (1), 1st guitar solo (8), rhythm guitar (2, 8)
Franck “Paris Slim” Goldwasser: lead guitar (2), 2nd guitar solo (8), rhythm guitar (1, 4, 8)
Kid Ramos: lead guitar (4, 7, 9-11)
Junior Watson: lead guitar (5), rhythm guitar (3)
Fred Kaplan: piano (1, 3-6, 9, 11), Hammond B3 (5, 7)
Tom Leavey: electric bass (4, 7)
Ronnie James Weber: acoustic bass (2, 3, 5, 6, 8-11), electric bass (1)
Richard “Big Foot” Innes: drums
David “Woody” Woodford: tenor saxophone (3, 5)
Cynthia Manley: background vocals (3)
Jessica Williams: background vocals (3)

01. She‘s the One (3:52)
02. Two Headed Woman (3:20)
03. I Must Be Crazy (2:44)
04. Come in Out of the Rain (4:23)
05. Get It Over Baby (2:31)
06. I Don’t Know (3:27)
07. Tired of Your Jive (3:57)
08. Cry for Me Baby (4:20)
09. Three Handed Woman (3:05)
10. Mystery Train (5:26)
11. How Long Will It Last (4:16)

Produced by Randy Chortkoff & Jeff Scott Fleenor
Co-Produced by David Z

Coming Back Hard

Artists: Bobby Jones, The Mannish BoysGenres: , .


In February 2007, the Mannish Boys were set to begin production on their third release, “Big Plans,” in a little studio located in North Hollywood. Accompanying pianist Leon Blue on his drive out from Las Vegas to California was a friend rumored to possess the ability to sing like B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf and Bobby “Blue” Bland. As the band went to work and the hours passed by, this mysterious guest patiently waited for his opportunity to reveal his well-concealed talents. Later that evening when legendary Chicago blues guitarist Jody Williams arrived, Williams exclaimed as he walked through the door, “Bobby Jones!” and Jones replied, “Jody Williams!” and a star was reborn.

Bobby Jones was raised on a 50-acre farm outside Farmerville, Louisiana and grew up singing gospel music in the church choir. At the age of sixteen, Jones forged documents to pass for twenty in order to join the U.S. Army and escape life on the family farm. After receiving an honorable discharge at his father’s insistence he later relocated to Chicago in 1959, and it was there that his musical career began to materialize. Jones performed in many of the popular clubs of the day on the South Side of Chicago including Pepper’s Lounge, Theresa’s and the Trocadero, but his first big break came when he was asked to replace Junior Wells in the Aces after Wells’ swift departure was motivated by hitting it big with his song, “Messin’ with the Kid.”

During the ‘60s and ‘70s Bobby Jones recorded sporadically for various labels in Chicago including Vee-Jay, U.S.A., Expo, Capri and Lionel, and decades later enjoyed a brief resurgence on the Southern Soul market, changing the spelling of his last name from Jones to Jonz. But true success always seemed to elude him….that is until now. Featuring the Mannish Boys, “Comin’ Back Hard” was recorded during the very same sessions that produced their critically-acclaimed release, “Lowdown Feelin’,” only this time the spotlight is focused squarely on Jones. Includes special guests Al Blake, Lynwood Slim, Junior Watson and Fred Kaplan.

“Jones is a mainline Chicago blues belter, with gritty, sensuous pipes that let the blues flow.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“His pliant low-tenor/baritone pipes have an appealing, richly resonant timbre, at times suggesting B.B. King’s sound in the late ’60s and ’70s… And few singers have such well-developed skills in interpreting lyrics, particularly when handed outstanding songs like those on Comin’ Back Hard.” – Lee Hildebrand / Living Blues Magazine

“Jones, who sings the lion’s share of cuts on the Mannish Boys’ new album, Lowdown Feelin’, is that rarity among blues performers, especially those of his era.” – Blues Revue Magazine

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