Double Dynamite (2 CDS)

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ARTIST: The Mannish Boys
TITLE: Double Dynamite
FORMAT: Compact Disc (2-CDs)
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2012
UPC NUMBER: 850021001698

Finis Tasby: vocals
Sugaray Rayford: vocals
Randy Chortkoff: vocals & harmonica
Kirk “Eli” Fletcher: lead & rhythm guitar
Franck Goldwasser: vocals, lead, slide & rhythm guitar, harmonica
Willie J. Campbell: acoustic & electric bass
Jimi Bott: drums & percussion

Disc One: “Atomic Blues”
James Harman: vocals & harmonica (9)
Mud Morganfield: vocals (6, 13)
Jackie Payne: vocals (4)
Bob Corritore: harmonica (6, 13)
Rod Piazza: harmonica (2, 4)
Jason Ricci: harmonica (8)
Elvin Bishop: slide guitar solo (2)
Rob Rio: piano (2-4, 6, 7, 12, 13)
Rich Wenzel: piano (9)
Bill Stuve: acoustic bass (3, 4)
Jeff Scott Fleenor: backup vocals (10)
Cynthia Manley, Adrianna Marie & Jessica Williams: backup vocals (13)

Disc Two: “Rhythm & Blues Explosion”
Mike Finnigan: vocals & piano (5), B3 (1, 4, 6)
James Harman: vocals & harmonica (13)
Cynthia Manley: vocals (3), backup vocals (7)
Jackie Payne: vocals (9)
Jason Ricci: harmonica (9)
Elvin Bishop: lead guitar (1)
Nathan James: lead guitar (3, 7), rhythm guitar (13)
Kid Ramos: lead guitar (8, 10, 13)
Junior Watson: lead guitar (11)
Fred Kaplan: piano (3, 7, 8, 11, 13), B3 (12, 13)
Rob Rio: piano (2, 9, 10)
Rich Wenzel: B3 (7, 9)
Bill Stuve: acoustic bass (5, 7, 8, 11), electric bass (9)
Bobby Tsukamoto: electric bass (4, 6)
James Michael Tempo: percussion (13)
David “Woody” Woodford: alto sax (1), tenor sax (1, 3-6, 8, 10, 11), baritone sax (4-6, 8, 10, 11)
Lee Thornburg: trumpet (1, 4-6, 8, 11), trombone (4-6, 8, 11)
Jeff Scott Fleenor: hand claps (9)
Clifton Curtis & Larry Dopson: backup vocals (2)
Adrianna Marie & Jessica Williams: backup vcls (7)
The Harmanaires: backup vocals (13)

Disc One: “Atomic Blues”

01. Death Letter (5:10)
02. Mean Old World (3:44)
03. Bricks in My Pillow (3:12)
04. She’s 19 Years Old / Streamline Woman (7:17)
05. Never Leave Me at Home (2:56)
06. Elevate Me Mama (3:13)
07. Please Forgive Me (6:06)
08. Everybody Needs Somebody (3:41)
09. Bad Detective (4:06)
10. You Dogged Me (5:23)
11. Bloody Tears (3:14)
12. The Hard Way (5:59)
13. Mannish Boy (5:57)

Disc Two: “Rhythm & Blues Explosion”

01. Born Under a Bad Sign (4:25)
02. That Dood It (3:07)
03. You’ve Got the Power (3:59)
04. Drowning on Dry Land (4:31)
05. Mr. Charles Blues (4:30)
06. Cold Sweat (3:56)
07. Later On (4:53)
08. You Don’t Love Me (5:00)
09. Bed for My Soul (3:16)
10. Why Does Everything Happen to Me? (3:47)
11. I Woke Up Screaming (3:22)
12. West Helena Blues (4:09)
13. Hittin’ the Groove (6:25)

Produced by Randy Chortkoff & Jeff Scott Fleenor

Double Dynamite (2 CDS)

Artist: The Mannish BoysGenres: , .



Few blues acts have perfected the tricky maneuver of honoring the storied history of the blues, while at the same time keeping the music up-to-date, as admirably as Delta Groove’s the Mannish Boys. It’s a balancing act that they’ve honed over the course of six highly-acclaimed CD releases and countless nights gigging on concert stages around the world. Conceived as an all-star showcase for the cream of the West Coast blues crop, the Mannish Boys have stayed true to that vision. They’ve continually evolved through the years, seeking out and spotlighting the talents of genuine blues legends in a setting that honors the deep roots of the genre, while also providing them with the support required to excite today’s blues audiences.

Their newest release on Delta Groove marks a number of firsts for the Mannish Boys. “Double Dynamite,” as the title suggests, serves up a double dose of the Mannish Boys on a two-CD set, allowing them to really stretch out and feature more special guests and sounds than on any of their previous recordings. Especially notable is new featured vocalist Sugaray Rayford, a soulful, gospel-inflected singer, originally from Texas, who has been little known outside of his current home base in Southern California, until now. Also along for the ride this time, and adding variety and depth in the vocal department, are veterans “Icepick” James Harman, Mike Finnigan (who in the ‘60s played keyboards on Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” LP, among many other accomplishments in his long career), and Jackie Payne, plus long-time Mannish Boys’ frontman Finis Tasby. The band’s regular guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Franck Goldwasser are prominently represented, with Goldwasser taking a turn in front of the vocal mic, as does the Mannish Boys’ harp playing honcho, Randy Chortkoff. And as an additional treat, Mud Morganfield, eldest son of the undisputed king of Chicago blues, Muddy Waters, also contributes as a guest vocalist, bringing a South Side Chicago blues unrivalled by any living vocalist. Other guests on this unprecedented release include harmonica aces Rod Piazza, Jason Ricci and Bob Corritore, and guitarists Elvin Bishop, Junior Watson, Nathan James, and Kid Ramos, all backed by the hard-swinging rhythm section of Jimi Bott and Willie J. Campbell, plus an array of other very special musicians. A virtual blues festival in a single band, all of this variety adds up to a continually surprising, wide-ranging, and most consistently excellent release from the Mannish Boys’ career so far.

“This unprecedented project is a virtual blues festival in one band. Very recommended.” – Gary von Tersch / Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

“With personnel ranging from duets up to horn-fired big-band charts, this quintessential backup band takes center stage on their way to deserved recognition as a premier blues group in their own right.” – All Music Guide

“…an infectious revival of both ’40s jump and ’50s to ’60s Chess-like styles from a band that lives inside the music…” – Wall Street Journal

The Mannish Boys’ dedication to preserving the past is matched only by their musical aptitude.” – Living Blues Magazine

“This is an extraordinary collection of talent featuring different contemporary West Coast musicians on vocals, strings, keyboards, horns, harps, drums, and hand-claps on each and every of the 26 tracks, delivering some of the best blues, soul, and R&B tunes you will ever hear on one double album. It is really a double dynamite/top gun blues release!” – Chicago Blues Guide

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