Fifty Shades of Blue

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ARTIST: Anthony Geraci & the Boston Blues All-Stars
TITLE: Fifty Shades of Blue
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: October 16, 2015
UPC NUMBER: 850021001933

Anthony Geraci: piano & Hammond organ
Sugar Ray Norcia: vocals (2-4, 6, 8, 12), harmonica (3, 4, 12), Native American flute (13)
Darrell Nulisch: vocals (1, 7, 10), harmonica (7)
Toni Lynn Washington: vocals (9)
Michelle “Evil Gal” Willson: vocals (2, 5)
Monster Mike Welch: guitar
Michael “Mudcat” Ward: acoustic & electric bass
Neil Gouvin: drums (2, 4)
Marty Richards: drums (all tracks except 2, 4)

01. Everything I Do Is Wrong (3:25)
02. Fifty Shades of Blue (3:28)
03. Sad But True (3:56)
04. Heard That Tutwiler Whistle Blow (5:21)
05. If You Want to Get to Heaven (4:20)
06. Don’t Keep Me Waiting (4:14)
07. The Blues Never Sleeps (3:17)
08. Too Late for Coffee (2:56)
09. Diamonds and Pearls (4:14)
10. Cry a Million Tears (6:00)
11. In the Quicksand, Again (3:14)
12. Your Turn to Cry (3:57)
13. Blues for David Maxwell (6:06)

All songs written & produced by Anthony Geraci

Fifty Shades of Blue

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Anthony Geraci (pronounced Jur-Ah-See) it seems has always known he was going to be a piano player. Out of the blue as a four year old, he told his parents he needed a piano. Although he describes his folks as not being into music or being particularly musical, they always supported his passion. The New England native admits, “Music is just something that I was born with. It is something that is just inside me.”

Geraci started out on an old upright and soon thereafter a baby grand piano was introduced into the household. So were lessons and some serious musical training. Even at a young age his teachers recognized his sense of improvisational instincts. Geraci attended the Neighborhood School of Music in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut, which was affiliated with nearby Yale University. That education continued at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Outside of these prestigious institutions in this Ivy League environment, another type of musical education was happening after school. At a young age Geraci befriended a like-minded school mate, Ed Cherry, who would go on to become an accomplished jazz guitarist. Day after day, year after year, the two youngsters would go home after school and listen to blues records. Muddy Waters, early Buddy Guy and perhaps most notably Jimmy Rogers, and others, were listened to over and over again. “I remember the album ‘Chicago Bound’ by Jimmy Rogers. That record turned my mind around. Here was music that was so simple yet, so complex at the same time. That record took me by storm. It had everything I was looking for in music. I heard that record when I was sixteen years old. Five years later Jimmy Rogers was my roommate on the road.”

That’s pretty much the way it has been for Anthony Geraci. He has played and recorded with a laundry list of the greatest blues musicians in the most prestigious blues nightclubs and at major festivals around the world. The names read like a who’s who of the blues. They include Muddy Waters, Big Joe Turner, J.B. Hutto, Big Walter Horton, Otis Rush, Big Mama Thornton, Hubert Sumlin as well as Jimmy Rogers and that’s the short list. He was also a founding member of Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. However, Geraci is probably best known as a founding member of Sugar Ray and the Bluetones and after 35 years he remains an essential component of that band, which is still going strong.

Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All-Stars make their Delta Groove Music debut with their album, “Fifty Shades of Blue.” The Boston Blues All-Stars are the same musicians Geraci has been playing with for parts of the last five decades. They include vocalists Toni Lynn Washington, Darrell Nulisch, Michelle “Evil Gal” Willson and of course Sugar Ray Norcia. As Geraci points out, “I don’t sing, so why not get the best.” The “best” are backed by guitarist Monster Mike Welch, bassist Michael “Mudcat” Ward and drummers Marty Richards and Neil Gouvin. The All-Stars take on thirteen Geraci penned numbers that are full of fresh original ideas that are applied to music that come from many shades of the blues palette.

“Geraci’s two-fisted piano riffs drip with smoky barroom atmosphere…” – Jon Kleinman / Living Blues Magazine

“Throughout these 13 tunes, Geraci proves himself a wonderful songwriter who touches on the many genres of American music… Start to finish, a magnificent record.” – Art Tipaldi / Blues Music Magazine

“Fifty Shades of Blue is an album that I’d suggest running out and picking up. It just may be one of the best blues recordings of the year. Can I smell Blues Music Awards with this one? I surely would not be surprised!” – Cascade Blues Association

“Recording a rare headliner session, the Rhode Islander channels deeply personal currents of feeling through his dexterous investigations of the keyboard on a strong cache of 13 original tunes.” – Frank-John Hadley / Downbeat Magazine

“Geraci’s performances are understated gems. In fact each and everyone associated with this project is deserving of an award. Do not pass this one up as this may be the album of the year.”
– Richard Ludmerer / Making a Scene

“The album lives up to its title as the gathered faithful tear it up through country blues, pop-inflected blues, jazz, ragtime, and driving rock and pure gut-wrenching power blues.” – Henry Carrigan, Jr. / Blues Blast Magazine


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