Going Back Home

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ARTIST: Phillip Walker
TITLE: Going Back Home
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: February 20, 2007
UPC NUMBER: 850021001131

Phillip Walker: vocals, lead guitar (except 3, 5)
Al Blake: harmonica (6, 11)
Rusty Zinn: lead guitar (3, 5, 9), rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar (6)
Fred Kaplan: piano (2-4, 9, 10)
Rob Rio: piano (5, 8, 11-13)
James W. Thomas: electric bass (1, 13)
Jeff Turmes: standup & electric bass (except 1, 13) tenor saxophone (1, 13), baritone saxophone (1)
Richard Innes: drums
David “Woody” Woodford: tenor saxophone (2, 8, 9, 12)

01. Lying Woman (3:08)
02. Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home (4:24)
03. Mean Mean Woman (4:10)
04. Blackjack (3:44)
05. Honey Stew (3:15)
06. Don’t Think ‘Cause You’re Pretty (3:55)
07. Leave My Money Alone (3:11)
08. Bad Blood (3:52)
09. Lay You Down (5:33)
10. If You See My Baby (2:54)
11. Sweet Home New Orleans (2:33)
12. Happy Man Blues (3:02)
13. Walking with Frankie (4:51)

Produced by Randy Chortkoff
Co-Produced by Andy Santana & Jeff Scott Fleenor

Going Back Home

Artist: Phillip WalkerGenres: , , .


Born in 1937 near Lake Charles, Louisiana in the small town of Welsh, Phillip Walker’s earliest musical influences came via the Cajun and Creole rhythms he heard as a youngster. A second cousin to “Gatemouth” Brown, and a huge admirer of T-Bone Walker, Phillip began making a name for himself in the early 1950s with his first recording session backing Roscoe Gordon, in addition to working on the road and in the studio as a member of Zydeco king Clifton Chenier’s band.

By the late ‘50s Walker was out on the road with his own band. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1959, he cut his first record as a bandleader, the storming “Hello My Darling,” for Elko Records. In the early ‘70s, with the help of long-time supporter and producer Bruce Bromberg, he cut an excellent LP, “The Bottom of the Top,” for Hugh Hefner’s short-lived Playboy label. Throughout the last three decades Walker’s musical career has continued to pick up steam with numerous recording projects for Alligator, Black Top, JSP and HighTone Records.

On his Delta Groove debut, the legendary Gulf Coast guitarist goes back to his roots to explore the rich history of Louisiana, Texas and the West Coast on classic material by Lowell Fulson, Ray Charles, Lonesome Sundown, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Frankie Lee Sims and more. Walker is joined by label mates Al Blake, Fred Kaplan and Richard Innes of the Hollywood Blue Flames, along with support by Bay area guitarist Rusty Zinn, boogie-woogie pianist Rob Rio, the versatile Jeff Turmes on standup and electric bass and tenor & baritones saxophones, David Woodford on tenor saxophone, and Walker’s own bassist on the road, James W. Thomas.

“Phillip Walker has been one of the major influences on my career.” – Robert Cray

“Gut wrenching perfection, Phillip is one of the 10 most important blues guitarists living today.” – Guitar Player Magazine

“His solos inherently swing and his tone alternates between a sweet jazz fullness and a biting attack.” – Washington Post


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