House Party at Big Jon's

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ARTIST: Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore
TITLE: House Party at Big Jon’s
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2016
UPC NUMBER: 850021001940

Big Jon Atkinson: vocals (1-4, 8-10, 16) guitar
(except 4, 10)
Bob Corritore: harmonica (all tracks)
Alabama Mike: vocals (6, 15)
Willie Buck: vocals (11, 14)
Tomcat Courtney: vocals, guitar (7)
Dave Riley: vocals, guitar (5, 12)
Danny Michel: guitar (except 5, 7, 12)
Troy Sandow: bass (all tracks)
Marty Dodson: drums (11, 14)
Brian Fahey: drums (1, 8, 10, 13)
Malachi Johnson: drums (2-7, 9, 12, 15, 16)

01. Goin’ Back to Tennessee (2:50)
02. Here Comes My Baby (3:00)
03. It Wasn’t Easy (4:39)
04. She’s My Crazy Little Baby (2:57)
05. At the Meeting (4:04)
06. Mojo Hand (3:44)
07. Mojo in My Bread (4:58)
08. Mad About It (2:53)
09. Empty Bedroom (2:41)
10. I’m Gonna Miss You Like the Devil (3:01)
11. You Want Me to Trust You (4:35)
12. Mississippi Plow (3:45)
13. El Centro (3:23)
14. I’m a King Bee (3:42)
15. Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door (6:59)
16. My Feelings Won’t Be Hurt (5:14)

Produced by Big Jon Atkinson Bob Corritore

House Party at Big Jon’s

Artist: Bob CorritoreGenres: , .



“House Party at Big Jon’s” is in fact, a big coming out party for rising young blues star Big Jon Atkinson. In collaborating with blues harmonica veteran, Bob Corritore, these two conspired to make an album of blues of the likes that is seldom heard in this day and age.

In 1988, Jon Atkinson was born into a digital, cyber world, which held no interest for one who would ultimately become seduced by the charms of an earlier era. His obsession with the blues took hold at an early age and led him on a quest to play with the modern masters. However, it was the old timers that would eventually begin lining up to play with him. Kim Wilson, who immediately put Jon under his wing and into his Blues All-Stars, put it this way, “Jon is one of the only guys doing it the right way. He knows the music. He knows the gist of it and understands the soul of the music.”

In 1981 Bob Corritore, a Chicago blues man, relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and brought with him the blues from the Windy City. He not only opened the Rhythm Room, an oasis of cool in the hot Sonoran desert, but he also began documenting so many of the remarkable blues legends that passed through his club. Corritore has since gone on to produce a series of critically-acclaimed and award-winning albums featuring his muscular blues harp in support of this generation’s blues masters, as well as the greats who are as old to him as he is to Big Jon Atkinson.

In 2015, Corritore made the pilgrimage to Jon’s home-based Big Tone Studio in San Diego, California. Bob said of Big Jon, “Jon’s approach to the blues extends right into his recording studio. He records on vintage equipment just like it was recorded back in the old days. What you end up with is an honest performance with that natural saturation and warmth that makes for a beautiful sounding record.” He went on to say, “I am surprised and delighted to find such a true blues spirit in such a young man. Jon has the uncanny ability of bringing out the best in my playing while delivering the goods on each of these performances. A great singer and player of old school blues! He has my complete respect.”

Joining Jon and Bob is yet a third generation of bluesmen who make a special appearance on this album. They are vocalists Willie Buck, Alabama Mike, Dave Riley and Tomcat Courtney. Along with Big Jon, these distinguished gentlemen inject their own vocal spin and unique personalities into a wonderful sixteen song mix of compelling originals and covers. As Corritore points out, “There is in some cases a fifty to sixty year age differential between many of the musicians on this record. This speaks directly to the beautiful spirit of the blues that transcends the generations.”

“House Party at Big Jon’s” is an old school, modern masterpiece that will sit side by side with all of those “desert island discs” that are so universally cherished. It’s an indispensable addition to any blues library.

“Big Jon is truly the future of the blues.” – Kim Wilson / The Fabulous Thunderbirds

“A huge talent, Bob has a knack for blending well with a wide variety of artists. With his fat-toned harp, he always finds the right spot for his vintage sound.” – Chicago Blues Guide

“House Party at Big Jon’s is an unabashed valentine to not just the sound of Chess, but the feel. This is a record that cooks, a record that sounds exactly like the house party it claims to be.”
– Stephen Thomas Erlewine / All Music Guide

“This peach of an album has not left the player since arrival. A truly stunning masterpiece and a real throwback to the old school roots of yester-year blues.” – Shaun Luke / World of Harmonica

“A fine set of smoldering, classically styled electric blues, Big Jon Atkinson and Bob Corritore’s House Party at Big Jon’s is a good time not to be missed.” – Melanie Young / Living Blues Magazine

“Big Jon Atkinson and Bob Corritore did a wonderful job with Party at Big Jon’s…The vintage sound is contagious, and this is one of the best traditional blues albums of the year; it will certainly be a contender for next year’s awards season.” – Rex Bartholomew / Blues Blast Magazine


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