Knockin' Around These Blues

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ARTIST: John Primer and Bob Corritore
TITLE: Knockin’ Around These Blues
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: April 16, 2013
UPC NUMBER: 850021001766

John Primer: vocals & guitar
Bob Corritore: harmonica
Billy Flynn: guitar (4, 6, 9)
Chris James: guitar (1-3, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Barrelhouse Chuck: piano
Patrick Rynn: bass (1-3, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Bob Stroger: bass (4, 6, 9)
Brian Fahey: drums (1-3, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith: drums (4, 6, 9)

01. The Clock (5:11)
02. Blue and Lonesome (7:01)
03. When I Get Lonely (5:41)
04. Cairo Blues (5:30)
05. Leanin’ Tree (6:16)
06. Harmonica Joyride (2:33)
07. Little Boy Blue (6:55)
08. Just Like I Treat You (4:42)
09. Man or Mouse (3:30)
10. Going Back Home (7:53)

Produced by Bob Corritore

Knockin’ Around These Blues

Artist: Bob CorritoreGenres: , .


The blues roads of John Primer and Bob Corritore have been running parallel for so long, it was almost inevitable that they would eventually join forces in a musical collaboration. In the 1970’s when a young Primer was in Junior Wells’ house band at Theresa’s on Chicago’s South Side, a young Corritore spent many nights in the audience, absorbing some of the world’s greatest blues in that small basement tavern. A few years later Primer was recruited into the Muddy Waters Band, and Corritore relocated to Phoenix, AZ , where he became one of the leading figures in that city’s blues scene, not only as a harmonica player, but also as a club owner, radio DJ, and record producer. Primer later spent time in the bands of Magic Slim and James Cotton, before breaking out on his own and recording a series of acclaimed releases leading his own band. At the same time, Corritore was producing and performing on a string of blues releases of his own, earning glowing accolades and honors along the way.

Both men are deeply rooted in the classic Chicago blues tradition, so it was only a matter of time before they collaborated. The only surprise is that it took them until 2012! But the resulting CD was well worth the wait, and has brought out the best in both artists. Primer digs deep into the raw and heavy sound that he started out playing with the veterans of Chicago’s South Side blues scene. Corritore’s harp wails and moans with echoes of Little Walter, Junior Wells and James Cotton, while still sounding unmistakably like his own man. The session covers material meticulously selected from the songbooks of such Windy City blues icons as Little Walter, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Willie Dixon and Jimmy Reed, in addition to Texas bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins, among several others, and features a crack team assembly of A-list players that includes guitarists Billy Flynn and Chris James, pianist Barrelhouse Chuck, bassists Bob Stroger and Patrick Rynn, as well as Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith and Brian Fahey on drums. The result is one of the most consistently satisfying traditional-style blues releases since the heyday of Chicago blues. So put it on, turn it up, and enjoy the sounds of these two consummate pros “Knockin’ Around These Blues!”

“John Primer is one of the driving forces in helping to keep alive the more traditional Chicago blues sound.” – Blues on Stage

“His (John Primer) sound is rooted in the classic Windy City blues sound of decades past: rough-edged and uncompromising and satisfying in the extreme. He’s one of the last real traditionalists in town.” – All Music Guide

“(Bob Corritore’s) a damn good harmonica player with a lively sense of history.” – Downbeat Magazine

“If Phoenix, Arizona, had a blues mafia, then Bob Corritore just might be its resident godfather.” – Living Blues Magazine

“Backed by a band of blues “Who’s Who,” Corritore and Primer demonstrate repeatedly why both are considered to be among the finest purveyors of blues alive.” – Chicago Blues Guide


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