Lost & Found

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ARTIST: John Long
TITLE: Lost & Found
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: February 21, 2006
UPC NUMBER: 850021001063

John Long: vocals, guitar & harmonica
Fred Kaplan: piano (3, 6, 12)

01. Hokum Town (3:54)
02. Pressure Cooker (’Bout to Blow) (3:54)
03. Hell Cat (3:52)
04. Blues and Boogie Woogie (2:29)
05. Foot Stompin’ Daddy (4:08)
06. Stranglevine (3:13)
07. Johnny’s Jump (1:59)
08. Mean Ole Rootin’ Ground Sloth (3:17)
09. Greyhound Driver (2:59)
10. Healin’ Touch (2:59)
11. Leavin’ St. Louis (Solo Version) (3:41)
12. Leavin’ St. Louis (Piano Version) (4:36)

Produced by Al Blake & Randy Chortkoff
Co-Produced by Fred Kaplan

Lost & Found

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John Long is a national treasure. In a world where everyone adopts a gimmick, an angle, a pose in order to get over, John Long is a living anachronism. He is a 100% pure, dyed-in-the-wool, no-BS bluesman for life. He was born, raised and bred on the blues. It’s not a ‘career choice’ for Long, not just a type of music he plays, or something he happened to be influenced by at some point. He’s not a blues player, he’s a Bluesman, with a capital B.

His complete recorded works up until now consist of a few deeply obscure backing appearances on other people’s sessions, a cut on a sampler released by the host of an NPR radio program, and a small handful of home-made demo recordings – one of which found it’s way into the hands of Delta Groove head Randy Chortkoff, who was blown away by the intensity and purity of Long’s music. John was quickly booked into a studio to record his first CD. With a 40 year backlog of original material from which to draw, the results are stunning.

Long has the uncanny ability to create and perform original material that sounds as if it came from a long-lost cache of vintage recordings by one of the classic bluesmen – it’s music completely unique and new, while at the same time hauntingly familiar. Long’s songs contain all the darkness and light, the humor and the pathos, and the fully realized musicality of the very best blues from the heyday of the genre. It’s a heyday that’s long gone, but in Long’s hands – in his world – it’s no gimmick, no pale imitation. This is the music that John Long has lived his whole life to create.

“Johnny Long is worthy of international attention and this record is long overdue for an artist of this caliber. “Lost and Found” demonstrates that a great player is ready to be heard.” – John Hammond

“No one has come along in the last 20 years or so who can fill John’s shoes. He is still, hands down, the best post-modern old school bluesman working today. He is the complete package. A master of the art.” – Al Blake / Hollywood Blue Flames

“If you wanted to make an argument for reincarnation, John Long is it.” – Zach Zunis

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