Stomp the Floor

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ARTIST: Arthur Adams
TITLE: Stomp the Floor
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: November 17, 2009
UPC NUMBER: 850021001438

Arthur Adams: vocals & guitar
Hense Powell: keyboards
Lou Castro: bass (2, 3, 8, 12)
Reggie McBride: bass (1, 4-7, 9-11)
James Gadson: drums
Stacy-Lamont-Sydnor: percussion (1, 5, 7)
David Leich: percussion (4, 6, 9)
David “Woody” Woodford: saxophone (2, 3)
Lee Thornburg: trumpet (2, 3)
Garrett Adkins: trombone (2, 3)

01. Stomp the Floor (3:35)
02. You Can’t Win for Losing (3:47)
03. Don’t Let the Door Hit You (4:17)
04. I Know What You Mean (4:00)
05. So Sweet (4:14)
06. You Got That Right (3:48)
07. Callin’ Heaven (3:40)
08. Nature of the Beast (3:16)
09. Thrive on Your Vibe (4:00)
10. You Are Invited (4:07)
11. Around the Sun (4:03)
12. Blue Roots (4:01)

Produced by Arthur Adams & Lou Castro

Stomp the Floor

Artist: Arthur AdamsGenres: , .


Arthur Adams has been a popular mainstay of the blues scene in Los Angeles for many years. As the featured house bandleader at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Universal City, Arthur exposed patrons night after night to his soulful blend of silky rhythm & blues, combined with his searing guitar and buttery smooth vocal delivery. The Tennessee native got his start early in life at six years old singing in the church choir and later acquired his first guitar as he entered into his teens. His initial inspiration came from guitarist Howard Carroll of the American gospel group, the Dixie Hummingbirds, but Arthur also displays an obvious affection and stylistic debt to the six-string attack of longtime friend, B.B. King.

Arthur traveled throughout the South early on in his career before eventually heading out west and settling in Los Angeles in the mid-’60s. His first album, “It’s Private Tonight,” released in 1972, firmly established the silky smooth vocal presence and guitar style that still comprises Arthur’s signature sound today. Over the years Arthur’s talent and versatility in the studio proved invaluable, as his skills were consistently utilized for numerous recording projects for film and television, along with extensive session work that includes albums by Jimmy Smith, Nina Simone, Quincy Jones, Lowell Fulson, the Crusaders and Bonnie Raitt. In 1991, Arthur played rhythm guitar and contributed two songs, “Mean and Evil” and “Something Up My Sleeve,” to B.B. King’s album, “There Is Always One More Time,” on MCA Records. King later returned the favor appearing on Arthur’s comeback release, “Back on Track,” on Blind Pig Records in 1999.

When Randy Chortkoff established Delta Groove Music in 2004 with the label’s very first effort, “That Represent Man,” by the Mannish Boys, Arthur was invited to appear on stage with the band at several of their live performances and was later featured as a special guest on Mitch Kashmar’s debut release, “Nickels & Dimes.” So when Arthur approached Delta Groove about his latest project, naturally he was welcomed in with open arms. “Stomp the Floor” features Arthur Adams’ signature brand of soulfully sweet rhythm & blues filled with melodic hooks, classy arrangements and impeccable songwriting, affirming once again Arthur’s status and rightful place amongst the genre’s most celebrated and beloved artists.

“His vocalizing has a sweet, soulful quality ala Robert Cray or at times Bobby Bland. And his electric six string takes definite cues from his idol, B.B. King…” – All Music Guide

“Adams fortifies his distinctive, velvety voice with restrained emotional heat. He’s strong enough to be gentle, and confident enough to sing from his heart…” – Chicago Reader

“Arthur Adams is one of those guns that lay in the weeds, and when the time is right—smack, he’s got you cornered.” – Blues on Stage


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