Wake Up & Worry

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ARTIST: Mitch Kashmar
TITLE: Wake Up & Worry
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Delta Groove Music
RELEASE DATE: September 19, 2006
UPC NUMBER: 850021001094

Mitch Kashmar: vocals & harmonica
Randy Chortkoff: vocals & harmonica (9)
Alastair Greene: National steel guitar (8)
John Marx: guitar (5, 11)
Junior Watson: guitar (1-3, 6, 7, 10), guitar solo (12)
Rusty Zinn: guitar (2, 4, 9), 2nd guitar (6, 10),
rhythm guitar (12)
Jim Calire: piano (3, 12), baritone bass (2),
baritone saxophone (10)
Fred Kaplan: piano (1, 5, 7), Hammond B3 (2, 10)
Bobby Watley: vocals & Hammond B3 (11)
Rick Reed: bass (except 6, 8, 11)
Richard Innes: drums (except 8)
Cynthia Manley: background vocals (11)
Jessica Williams: background vocals (11)

01. I Got No Reason (3:37)
02. Dead Presidents (3:21)
03. Green Bananas (3:19)
04. Funky Dee (5:57)
05. Wake Up & Worry (4:06)
06. Night Creeper (3:58)
07. Half Pint-A-Whiskey (4:06)
08. Black Dog Blues (3:41)
09. You Dogged Me (3:50)
10. Up the Line (2:49)
11. I’m Sorry (4:41)
12. The Waddle (4:00)

Produced by Randy Chortkoff

Wake Up & Worry

Artist: Mitch KashmarGenres: , .


Mitch Kashmar’s stock skyrocketed after his 2005 Delta Groove debut, “Nickels & Dimes.” Kashmar’s powerhouse vocals, sophisticated yet gritty harmonica playing, and imaginative material earned him a Best New Artist Debut nomination by the Blues Music Foundation. He’s played throughout North America and in Europe, winning new fans at every stop.

In 2006, Kashmar joined forces with the Mannish Boys as a front man on several high-profile gigs. Additionally, he was a featured star of the Delta Groove Blues Revue concert at the historic New Daisy Theater on Beale Street in Memphis, which took place in conjunction with the 2006 Blues Music Awards.

On “Wake Up & Worry,” Mitch Kashmar continues to evolve as an artist. He moves in interesting new directions with fresh songs and also finds inspiration and new angles in the classic material of Little Walter and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Joined by an all-star ensemble that includes Junior Watson, Rusty Zinn, John Marx and Alastair Greene on guitars, along with support from Hollywood Blue Flames alumni Fred Kaplan on piano and Richard Innes on drums, this album is sure to please critics and fans alike. Add in a quirky sense of humor and a sly wit, along with deep-chested blues vocals that sound natural, unforced, and unlike anyone else on the scene today, and you’ve got one of this generation’s most complete blues artists. So sit back and enjoy – and leave the waking up & worrying to Mitch Kashmar.

“Kashmar has a surprisingly compelling and distinctive voice, but it’s his astounding harp work that propels this music.” – All Music Guide

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