Los Fabulocos

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Los Fabulocos

Los Fabulocos play with enough energy to power a small fleet of lowrider vehicles. It’s a fuel that burns full- throttle, ignited by the heat of soulful guitar and accordion solos that will make your heart bleed.

Los Fabulocos was first established in 2004 by its two founding members, singer/accordionist Jesus Cuevas and drummer Mike Molina, who initially formed their musical bond while working together as members of the East Los Angeles roots-rock band, the Blazers. Bassist James Barrios signed on the following year and his passion for Bakersfield country music began to slowly seep into the ever-evolving musical gumbo that was already simmering on an even heat. When the final ingredient of blues guitarist Kid Ramos was added to the mix in 2007, this carefully crafted, home-brewed stew had unquestionably reached a boiling point.

Anxious to hit the studio and document their now distinctively-flavorful dish, Los Fabulocos signed on with Delta Groove Music in the spring of 2008 and released their self-titled debut in August. Sharing a common musical bond with such pioneering, south-of-the-border-style acts as Los Lobos, the Hacienda Brothers and Doug Sahm’s Texas Tornados, the band’s unique brand of “Cali-Mex,” powered by Ramos’ muscular tone and high-octane delivery was an immediate hit and praised by critics in publications such as the Music Connection, La Opinion, O.C. Register, Houston Press and El Paso Times.

As word of mouth spread, the band began to expand their touring base with frequent stops in Texas, including Austin, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio, and even such far off countries as Oslo, Norway. During the next two years, Los Fabulocos continued refining their craft while attracting a dedicated fan base enticed by their Southwesterly blend of blues, zydeco, ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll, R&B and traditional Mexican music.

On their sophomore effort, “Dos,” Los Fabulocos shows signs of considerable growth and diversity with an expanded repertoire of original material, augmented by special guests Big Manny (vocals, rubboard & timbales) and Raul Medrano (percussion) from the Blazers, along with saxophonist extraordinaire, Ron Dziubla. “We mix it up,” Ramos explains. “We play songs in Spanish, then we’ll do a Fats Domino song, then we’ll play a blues, and then we’ll do a Buck Owens or Johnny Cash song. People look and go, ‘What?’ Then, all of the sudden, they just start dancing and having smiles on their faces.”

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