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Terry Hanck

Terry Hanck was born in 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, but raised in the suburbs. After high school he began dividing his time between Chicago and California. A month before his twenty-first birthday, Terry decided to take up the saxophone because as he puts it, “I needed another way not to make any money!” He made the permanent move to California in 1967, settling first in Orange County, but later relocated to San Francisco towards the end of ’69. His first band came together in Berkeley in 1970, the Grayson Street Houserockers, which for a brief time featured legendary Chicago blues guitarist, Luther Tucker.

Eventually, Terry’s soulful sax caught the incisive ears of renowned bandleader Elvin Bishop, who personally asked him to join his band on two occasions – once in ‘72 and again in ’75 – before Terry finally accepted his third invitation in ‘77. Hanck toured with his band for ten years and was even featured on Bishop’s classic album, “Struttin’ My Stuff,” which included the chart-topping smash hit, “Fooled Around and Fell in Love.” But a decade on the road with Bishop eventually left Terry longing to pursue his own musical aspirations, so in 1987 they amicably parted ways.

Around the turn of the millennium Terry crossed paths with Norwegian guitarist, Chris “The Kid” Andersen. Terry’s introduction to “The Kid” took place at the now defunct Muddy Waters Blues Club in Oslo where Andersen was a part of the regular house band. As it turns out, Terry was between guitar players and Kid was yearning to come to California, so when Terry extended an invitation to join his band, Kid accepted and made the move to the U.S.. He remained in Terry’s band for four years before accepting an offer by Charlie Musselwhite, a gig that lasted until he was later asked to replace departing guitarist Little Charlie Baty in the now rechristened Rick Estrin & the Nightcats. The bond between Terry and Kid, however, still continues to this day, as Andersen has appeared on all of Terry’s recordings since 2002.

For his sixth album, “Look Out!,” Terry signed on with Delta Groove Music and assembled a tightly woven outfit featuring top-tier talent from the West Coast. Ace guitarist Kid Andersen once again lends a hand, not only by adding his incredible six-string attack to the proceedings, but also by contributing his engineering wizardry, courtesy of his own Greaseland Studios. Also highlighted is current guitarist Johnny Cat, who replaced Andersen back in 2004. Rounding out the rhythm section is drummer Butch Cousins, along with bassist Tim Wagar, replacing Terry’s longtime friend and bandmate, Michael “Fly” Brooks, who unfortunately passed away on September 20, 2010. Additionally the album features Nightcats’ bassist Lorenzo Farrell, the multi-talented Bob Welsh on piano and B3, and Dennis Dove on backing vocals, as well as drums on “Girl, Girl, Girl.”

Hanck swept both the Blues Music Awards and the Living Blues Award for “Best Horn” in 2012, and was nominated in the “Best Song” category too. He was nominated again for 2014 BMAs “Best Horn” —and his follow-up Delta Groove recording brings it on home one more time. As saxophonist, singer, bandleader and songwriter, the tall, tan Chicago-born, South-Florida-based Hanck knows it’s good to live in a world of classic New Orleans R&B, steamy strolls, gorgeous soul ballads and West Coast jump blues!

On “Bring It on Home to You,” Terry and ace guitarist/2014 Grammy nominee, Chris “Kid” Andersen, produced the ten song package once again at the famed Greaseland Studios in Northern California with his solid sender bandmates. Johnny “Cat” Soubrand, the sizzling master guitarist, celebrates his 10-year anniversary with Terry, “I can’t say enough about the emergence of Johnny “Cat” Soubrand as a lead guitarist of originality, fire and consummate grace. He proves here he is among the emerging great ones,” writes Joseph Jordan, San Francisco’s beloved blues journalist. Rhythm drives the bus as the pundits say–so listeners will groove to the tight section of long-time drummer Butch Cousins and bassist Tim Wagar. Friends aboard this party on a platter are stellar blues and soul greats Debbie Davies, Jim Pugh, Doug James, Bob Welsh, Lorenzo Farrell, Lisa Leu Andersen, Dennis Dove and Chris “Kid” Andersen.

Terry has never lost his unbridled enthusiasm and fearless youth–in his playing, songwriting or his personality. He has travelled from his hometown of Chicago to Southern California to the Bay Area and finally to the south coast of Florida; from the 1960s Berkeley-based Grayson Street Houserockers to ten years with the great Elvin Bishop. He has lead his own band for over 25 years. In 2014, with his gorgeous tone (sax AND voice!), classic songwriting and a few choice covers, he brings it–and brings it on home for us one more time.

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